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Monarchbutterfly.co.uk is an online resource providing support for those affected by Personality Disorder, founded and created in 2014 by married couple, Carl and Rosalind, based in the UK.

Rosalind has a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) alongside the co morbid presence of Depression and Anxiety. Carl has a wealth of experience of being married to a ‘Borderline’ spouse, nearing twenty years, demonstrating that there is hope for relationships to survive and indeed thrive even with the difficulties and struggles often associated with the Disorder.

Both Carl and Rosalind found that there was a lack of support and understanding available to them both and made the decision to join the many others campaigning for better access to mental healthcare particularly for those affected by this disorder. Anti Stigma campaigns are ripe nationally and indeed globally, unfortunately there still appears to be a theme of ‘lack of understanding’ in the United Kingdom about the Diagnosis that is BPD.

Message from Rosalind

Living with a ‘Borderline Personality Disorder’ has at times been debilitating and the last few years in particular have been particularly difficult. I have had the underlying ‘Borderline’ thinking patterns ever present from as early as childhood, irrational and relentlessly cruel mood swings hurling between an over optimism and a completely devastated low, the end of the world is nigh outlook. I have found it particularly difficult over the years, prior to my diagnosis, understanding how it could be possible to be high functioning and seemingly ‘okay’ to the world and yet so completely dysfunctional and fragmented within my own mind. It is little wonder that healthcare professionals too have difficulty understanding this diagnosis and the individuals that are suffering and at times feeling very much misunderstood. It is my sincere hope that through campaigns and our collective efforts of sharing our experiences we can change that.

Carl’s Story – A Partners Perspective

Meet Rosalind and Carl


Rosalind and Carl married in 1997, they have a wonderful daughter, who is all grown up, as of 2014, she is a ripe age of 23. Other immediate family members include two pooches, a poodle and a pug! The couple describe marriage as “married life is wonderful, not without its challenges, but for the most part a vehicle and constant opportunity  for growth and development with a lot of laughs along the way”.

The couple met in their local church and soon found themselves working within the church services family groups and teen ministries. Both of which have been described as  “a time of high input, with fantastic learning opportunities” and “highly rewarding”. They were members of the church for around seven years or so and felt that it was right for them to leave. Rosalind and Carl share an open mind set that embraces truth from positivity and both share a humanistic approach to life.

Happy Days!

Rosalind and Carl at their cousins wedding in Spain, 2010

Rosalind has most of her family based in Gibraltar but was raised in London, UK. Carls family are scattered both around the UK and overseas, he was raised in Birmingham, UK.

Carl had been a member in the Birmingham church and moved down to London to accompany one of the ministers on their move to lead the London church, it was upon that move that the co founders met, the rest is history.


Halloween in New York, 2008

Rosalind and Carl in Halloween spirits, this picture was taken just before heading out for the New York Halloween march, 2008

Co founder, Rosalind, describes this Halloween experience as one of the most surreal and embarrassing times of her life. The couple had arranged an October visit to New York as ‘New Kids on the Block’ were playing Madison Square Gardens, this was a treat for their daughter. The ‘New York Halloween March’ was also a treat for their daughter, only Rosalind and Carl ventured out to the Halloween March that evening and felt complete embarrassment as they were the only ones in Halloween costumes travelling the subway/metro lines. All of the ‘die hard Halloweeners’ were already at the start point for the March or in the Suburbs ‘Trick or Treating’. The Co founders shared “the looks we were getting were so embarrassing, one of us as ‘Dr Dread’ and the other as a ‘witch’-maybe they thought we were just ‘alternative’, forgetting it was Halloween?”

Old Style Portraitsml

Weddings, weddings and more weddings.

Rosalind and Carl at a friends wedding reception, 2014.

2013 and 2014 have been busy years for weddings with the most special ones being of brothers on both sides, Rosalind’s only brother getting married and Carls eldest brother finally getting married have been described as “wonderful days” and “our family weddings have brought a real feeling of advancing and exciting times ahead”.

Rosalind’s Story- Life with a BPD Diagnosis – Coming Soon

Thank you’s

Monarch Butterfly would like to thank Musical Artist Nik Kershaw and

Installation Artist Wolfgang Stiller for their kind media and photographic contributions to this website. Thank you also to Newcastle Tyne and Wear NHS Trust for their permissions for our visitors to access their free informative resources accessible and downloadable from their website.

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