Category: Mental Health

Snapshot from our 'Wouldn't it be good'- Special Edition

Watch this Special Edition of our launch video

Why have we made a ‘special edition’ version of our launch video? We have put together a ‘special edition’ version of our launch video ‘Wouldn’t it be good’. Why? When watching this video you will...

Watch our launch video ‘Wouldn’t it be good’

About the Video Monarch Butterfly have produced this video with a number of mental health concerns in mind. Part of their motivation was to support the raising of awareness of the prevalence of disease (‘dis-ease’)...

Square peg round hole?

Do feel that you don’t fit in? Here you can read more about the difficulties relating to trying to fit in, square peg, round hole syndrome.

Self Help

Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust have produced a fantastic range of resources providing helpful information on a variety of health topics some of which include anxiety, depression, controlling anger, self Harm and stress. These help guide resources are...

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