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Rosalind, co-founder of Monarch Butterfly writes about her experience of living with a Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis, BPD. From time to time there will be some input from Carl, co-founder, as someone who has been affected by this disorder, he posts from an undiagnosed persons perspective .

NHS Change Day 2015

By Rosalind, 10th March 2015 This year I have listed two pledges or ‘actions’ on the NHS Change Day website in advance of March 11th, marking the official #NHSChangeDay for 2015.  ‘Change Day’ is edging towards becoming a gateway...

BPD and Self Sabotage

Read this post about the relationship between Self sabotage and BPD, Rosalind shares her experience of living as a ‘Borderline’ and her self sabotaging tendencies. Sabotaging oneself will often accompany negative self beliefs.


BPD and PTSD is there a relationship between the two? How could Oversensitivity, BPD and PTSD be linked?

Image representing BPD growth

Oversensitivity and BPD

Read my 2nd blog post, written about emotional oversensitivity and it’s relationship to BPD. I share a little about my own difficulties that I have had associated with being oversensitive.

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To blog or not to blog?

Read the first post added to the Monarch Butterfly website, Co Founders Rosalind and Carl will be the contributors to this blog, sharing their lived experience of Borderline Personality Disorder, BPD.

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