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Monarch Butterfly serves as a resource to support those who have a diagnosis of Personality Disorder, primarily those with ‘Borderline Personality Disorder’ or ‘BPD’ as it is also referred to in its abbreviated term, their loved ones, friends, healthcare professionals, basically anyone wanting to know more or share in the experience of this disorder. You will find heaps of information about other health issues that are often present alongside BPD, otherwise referred to as ‘comorbid’ conditions for example Depression, Panic Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

This website has been created to serve as an informational resource as its primary objective, however, throughout the site you will see ‘thoughts from Monarch Butterfly’ dotted around. This gives the authors the opportunity to share their ‘lived experience’ with you, their audience.

Sharing lived experience

Where the thoughts have come from the lived experience  of living with the diagnosis of BPD you will see the image icon to the right displayed as seen below, ‘the little lady’. This will be from a ‘service user’ perspective or a recovered Borderline perspective. You will see a ‘block quote’ in an italic font that makes it easy to note a more ‘personal’ perspective is being shared. Here is an example below.

Service User shares lived experienceLiving with BPD can be a lonely and  debilitating experience, you can not ‘teach’ someone who does not have the disorder to completely understand, that is why those with lived experience play a vital role in the movement for change, acceptance and understanding.

Where the thoughts have come from the lived experience of someone who is living with a diagnosed person or indirectly affected by BPD you will see the image icon to the right displayed as seen below, ‘a little man’. This will be from the ‘partner’ perspective, the ‘carer’ or the person expressing their views outside of the ‘BPD mind’. Exactly the same as explained above, you will see a ‘block qoute’ in an italic font that will make it easy to spot that this is coming from a ‘personal’ perspective. Here is your example below.

Carer Perspective

Having been married to someone with BPD for what is now nearly 20 years may give some hope to those struggling to cope and cohabit with their partners or families. Yes, it is not easy at times however that is not because of the BPD per se, relationships take work and at time effort, great effort. The rewards are immense at times as you are both developing ‘relationship management skills.

Top tips and suggestions

Monarch Butterfly will list some top tips and suggestions throughout the website, these tips and suggestions are not coming from ‘medical professionals’ they are from individuals who have a ‘lived experience’ of either living with the diagnosis or knowing someone who has the diagnosis. Please use your own discretion when making decisions about your own healthcare, the tips facility is just as it reads on the tin, ‘tips’. For expert medical advice please visit your general practitioner or speak to a healthcare professional from your local community mental health services. Below is an example of how a ‘top tip’ will be displayed.

Read helpful tips on BPDWhere two or more individuals are in communication or discussion on any topic there will often be two, or sometimes more than two, points of view. Having a diagnosis of Personality Disorder, ‘Borderline’ or otherwise, can lead to what at times may be referred to as ‘misunderstandings’ if there are differences in opinion. If you are feeling ‘misunderstood’ or ‘unheard’, seeking advocacy may be a helpful way forward for you. Keeping a diary that lists details or outcomes of your conversations may serve as a useful tool too so you can recall information at any point without having to rely upon memory.

How can you help?

Life Buoy-Welcome-How Can You Help the BPD CommunityWe can all make a difference, we can all make headway in reducing the stigma associated with mental health difficulties and support the raising of awareness and understanding of BPD whether we are recovered or not. Where you see the buoy displayed we may be asking for ideas, suggestions, feedback or some involvement that will aid in the movement of positive change for those suffering with a Personality Disorder either directly or indirectly.

If you can help in some way please do let us know, please visit our ‘How can you help’ page for more information.

Share your BPD experiences with us

Share your positive experiences with usShare your experiences with us and shout from the mountain tops your appreciation for someone or for a Heathcare Trust, Service or Hospital that has helped you in some way. In order to improve services and access to services it is important to acknowledge where things are going right and give a big thank you! Where possible the team here at Monarch Butterfly will contact the recipient of your thank you’s and furnish them with your award, they will have earned a space on our ‘Awards’ page!

Have you experienced unhelpful service?Have you experienced an unhelpful or lacking service? If so, please share it. We do not operate a ‘name and shame policy’ so will not be including individuals names. What we will do is disclose the name of the Healthcare Trust, Service or Hospital. We believe here at Monarch Butterfly that transparency is an important part of the growth process for services, giving you that voice to ‘share and compare’ will, we hope, give the professionals the opportunity to improve the services they offer promptly, in real time.

The Monarch Butterfly Blog

Guest Blogger image, Where you see this you will be reading a healthcare professionals guest blog post

The Monarch Butterfly blog is written by individuals who have a lived experience of either living with Personality Disorder, caring for someone with a Personality Disorder Diagnosis or working within the healthcare profession having worked in the field of mental health, Personality Disorder specific. Our blog posts are written by experts either from their lived experience or training/academia. The contributors currently are co founders Rosalind and Carl, sharing their lived experience. Where guest bloggers have contributed you will see the ‘Guest Blogger’ image to the right, these will be pre-approved writers from the healthcare profession.

Commenting and discussion

Some pages will have the facility to leave comments and reply to others comments, this is your opportunity to share your views, thoughts  and experiences. This serves as a platform for positive, indiscriminative and edifying comments only. Please read our terms of use page to learn more. Our comments pages are moderated however in the unlikely event that you should read something that you feels breeches the terms of this website please let us know here



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