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Do you have something that you would like to share with Monarch Butterfly and our visitors? Everyone involved in the receipt or delivery of healthcare can benefit from your sharing. Here at Monarch Butterfly we know how important sharing of lived experience is, in our opinion it is the only real way to advance services because the services are in place to serve you, whether you are a service user, carer, family member, friend colleague or healthcare professional.

I am a service user how can my sharing help?

You are important and your views surrounding your experience are real, your voice will be heard when using a positive platform to share.

Sharing your experiences with us can help as there will always be many others in a similar position to you that will benefit from knowing they are not alone! Learning can come from your positive and not so helpful experiences, we want to hear them all.

I am a carer or someone I know has a Personality Disorder, why do you need to hear from me?

Often, those who are in the midst of the diagnosis may be feeling unheard or stigmatised in some way, this may be the case because the individual is high functioning in some areas of their lives and so the less functional side, regardless of how critical, can be ignored. Also, the representation that an individual may be in a position to present when in a crisis or low point may not have been the most helpful, you may have had to support them along the way? You are important and your experience is invaluable, we can all benefit from remembering it is not only the diagnosed person that is having a difficult time.

I am a healthcare professional, how can I get involved and help the movement for change?

You may be involved in the lives of diagnosed individuals or their loved ones, either way you may have a point of view or an experience that you would like to share with Monarch Butterfly and their visitors. You may yourself be feeling burnt out or un-serviced in some way, your place of work may not be providing you with the resources that you need to feel safe or to equip you to provide the level of service you would like to. Share it with us.

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