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Thank you for visiting this section of the website, if you are here it may well be because you have something that you would like to share with us and our Monarch Butterfly visitors.

Sharing your positive experiences can be a rewarding experience the sharer, the reader and most of all, the recipient. Getting your experiences out there, raises the bar so to speak, evidencing that it is more than achievable to get things right. Saying a big thank you to a healthcare professional, service manager, carer or anyone befitting of an award or applause, deserves to hear it, so why not use Monarch Butterfly to be that platform to say thanks? We will do our best to alert the recipient of their award and signpost them to your own link, a post that is dedicated to thanking them!

Please send your comments and experiences through to us via our contact us page, considering the following guidelines:

  • Only share information that you are happy to be posted online
  • Please share honestly, this resource is limited and takes up time and space on the website
  • Share only information that is not of a nature that is too personal
  • Inform us if you would like to remain anonymous, although, because your sharing is of a positive nature, we would recommend that you use a pseudonym for our online post but provide us with your name so we can share that when we are contacting the recipient.

Please visit out Terms of Use page to see the complete list of guidelines and restrictions.

Say thank you for a great service experience and share your positive experience with us

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